Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who Will Save Us From Underserving Telcos And The NTC???

What’s almost as worse as having your home submerged underwater while being huddled, feeling cold and hungry this typhoon season?

For Filipino netizens, it’s being left high and dry by the Philippines’ scandalously rich telcos whose underdelivery of broadband data services conk out at the first heavy downpour!!!

A petty middle class worry?
Certainly not if such isolation from the information superhighway leaves you crippled and blind about how your loved ones are coping.

Not when your productivity becomes grossly impaired along with access to vital information in real time.

What compounds your hardship is after suffering the ordeal, you end up getting demand letters and threats of disconnection from the very same rapacious telcos!!!

Oh yes, there’s actually a government entity that’s supposed to protect us hapless working folk.

It’s called the National Telecommunications Commission.

However, don’t be deceived.

The NTC is famously insensitive to public complaints not to mention being graft-ridden.

You need only to consult broadcast industry engineering insiders to know how deals for radio frequency assignments are awarded along with Certificates of Public Convenience of fly by night radio stations despite the lack of congressional franchises.

Equally insidious is the way NTC regulatory powers have been used in the past for political arm-twisting to favor allies of those in power and harass enemies.

When will the war versus corruption and agenda of good governance make landfall at the NTC and stem the abuses of the telcos???

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