Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Return

My apologies for being away. My home site has become locked and so much else has happened, both happy and sad.
But my commitment to try to make sense of events the impact our lives has not wavered.
I focus more now on the fate of OFWS and global events.
you will find my most recent writing on the Facebook page of FilipinoVoices.
For this 'homecoming' post, two items:
it looks like Gadhafi is dithering to buy time and even set up a blockade of Benghazi.
The UNSC coalition cannot pussyfoot. Enforce the no fly zone without delay.
On local matters. our government should accelerate help for our nurses here and abroad who continue to be exploited and discriminated against.
Failing to help them is a monumental disservice.
Civil society. the Philippine Nurses Association in particular cannot shirk from the moral obligation it has to our nurses and the whole of Philippine society.

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brainmill said...

hi ding! hope you could share some of your blogs in heaven with us who are still in this earthly dimension. thank you for bringing me into the world of television. i am not a blogger but i'd like to talk with you for the last time through your blog, through which we have somehow managed to keep track of you despite the distance. how do i do that now that you're beyond human touch? in my quiet time, i hope once in a while, it is your voice i would hear.
my family and i pray for eternal peace for you...