Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is The Noynoy-Shalani Romance Over?

Filipinos are hopeless romantics.

So it is that as we are marking the first 100 days of the Republic’s first Bachelor President is a largely celebratory mood, a rumor is swirling – that P-Noy’s romance with Valenzuela city councilor Shalani Soledad has fizzled out.

The Facebook entry above peddles the ‘story’ and AM radio reports are airing blind items saying “Soledad” has been seen in the company of an unnamed local official on several occasion while “she has not been seen with her long-time boyfriend since P-Noy gave his first State of the Nation Address.”

In tongue-in-cheek fashion, many have observed repeated presidential references about his being a bachelor and that he’s not had a ‘honeymoon’ and that it’s been difficult for him to go out on a date.

Tell us it ain’t so, Mr. President.

Filipinos are ‘kilig’ (titillated) about the prospect of a presidential wedding and surely see yo and Soledad as a ‘perfect pair’.
Go for it. :D


didith said...

if its over? sayang! pero talaga mga babae wanted affiction and time always... hahahaaaayyyy mga babae talaga.

Ding G. Gagelonia said...

Relationships are two way streets. If one of the parties involved does not reciprocate and does not make time to nurture the relationship then the affair dies.