Thursday, October 14, 2010

Immigration Cards As Vicky Belo Discount Cards???

We are supposed to be starting on a brand new “matuwid na daan.”

But nothing best exemplifies the tough work still ahead for the Aquino government than this hare-brained commercialization of our immigration departure and arrival cards which have been converted as 10% discount cards for the cosmetic services offered by Dra. Vicky Belo.

Particularly galling is the flimsy excuse that the printing and distribution of the 30 million cards was resorted to because the Commission on Immigration and Deportation is in dire need of funds.

What were you thinking, ‘honorable’ ex-congressman Marcelino Libanan???

The firm which was given a long term contract allowing it to solicit advertisements for cards even tried to ingratiate itself with the new administration by printing President Aquino’s mug in the first edition of 30 million cards!!!
Mr. Aquino had the good sense to reject the stunt.

But lo and behold, the Belo edition rolled out days later.

I will bet you that there will now be an attempt to sweep this patently distasteful and illegal misappropriation of an official government form under the rug!!!

Who exactly made under the table mullah from the deal?

Will the crooks ever be prosecuted?

What say you ex-commissioner Libanan???

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